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Ultimate training aid for soccer players and placekickers 

The Kicker Sticker

If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best.  And there's no better way to learn about where you strike the ball than with the Kicker Sticker.

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The Kicker Sticker is a training aid for soccer players and football placekickers — it's like having a coach with you every time you practice.


The Kicker Sticker is designed to be one of the most accurate and portable training aids on the market today.  Attaching the Kicker Sticker to your cleats and you're able to get instant feedback on where you're striking the ball, with what part of your foot, and then see where the ball goes.


Instead of wondering what makes a good kick, let the Kicker Sticker show you. 


How the
Kicker Sticker Works

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How It Works


Interested to see how the Kicker Sticker can be integrated into your coaching plan?


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Ready to Pass the Competition?

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